Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is our core competency, it is at the heart of what we do.

We are able to approach your brand challenges and needs with the eye of a business partner. Though we utilize tried and true marketing frameworks and methodologies, we excel at customizing their use for your unique business needs and budget. We can work with you on discrete needs you have, or to examine your brand and business situation to set your priorities and create a brand improvement plan.

Our work together can help you to:


Define Your Core Target

  • Segment the market and identify the core
  • Scope/size the targeting opportunity
  • Identify unmet needs & pain points

Create Differentiation

  • Define the brand promise
  • Develop the brand narrative
  • Craft the value proposition for different target audiences
  • Customize the brand experience for each consumer touch point

Maximize Brand Effectiveness

  • Integrate consumer touch points
  • Utilize social media & digital strategies
  • Build traffic generation tactics
  • Create loyalty building programs

Some examples of typical problems our clients face that are solved through brand strategy work include:

  • They don’t have well developed brands that are differentiated and will win in a competitive marketplace
  • They don’t understand their core target audience to develop winning strategies for communications and product development
  • Their current brand is dated and needs a re-fresh to compete or serve a new target audience
  • They have a proliferation of brands and/or product names they can’t support and that create customer confusion
  • They need to develop an effective communication strategy – website, advertising campaign, or winning sales strategy
  • They see an opportunity for direct-to-consumer sales as a profitable growth area but lack the right internal marketing capabilities