Activate your topline growth potential

We create strategies to help clients uncover, create and execute sustainable topline growth. We do this with our industry leading capability in insights and analytics combined with our marketing and operations expertise.


Driving Topline Growth

For a business to survive, profitable growth is an imperative, not an option.

Only one in ten companies succeed in achieving sustained growth. With an industry-leading capability in Insights, Innovation & Marketing Strategy, we bring you a hands-on practical approach to maximize your business potential by identifying new revenue streams for long term growth.

Our practice is focused on four key GROWTH areas:

Strategic Innovation

Developing winning ideas for growth and shepherding them through stage gate process, from white space innovation frameworking through operational commercialization

Marketing Plan Development

Creating a marketing plan that meets your brand and business objectives while maximizing the use of your budget

We are innovative operators. We blend creative thinking with 75 years of combined operational experience.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy is our core competency, it is at the heart of what we do.

We are able to approach your brand challenges and needs with the eye of a business partner. Though we utilize tried and true marketing frameworks and methodologies, we excel at customizing their use for your unique business needs and budget. We can work with you on discrete needs you have, or to examine your brand and business situation to set your priorities and create a brand improvement plan.

Our work together can help you to:


Define Your Core Target

  • Segment the market and identify the core
  • Scope/size the targeting opportunity
  • Identify unmet needs & pain points

Create Differentiation

  • Define the brand promise
  • Develop the brand narrative
  • Craft the value proposition for different target audiences
  • Customize the brand experience for each consumer touch point

Maximize Brand Effectiveness

  • Integrate consumer touch points
  • Utilize social media & digital strategies
  • Build traffic generation tactics
  • Create loyalty building programs

Some examples of typical problems our clients face that are solved through brand strategy work include:

  • They don’t have well developed brands that are differentiated and will win in a competitive marketplace
  • They don’t understand their core target audience to develop winning strategies for communications and product development
  • Their current brand is dated and needs a re-fresh to compete or serve a new target audience
  • They have a proliferation of brands and/or product names they can’t support and that create customer confusion
  • They need to develop an effective communication strategy – website, advertising campaign, or winning sales strategy
  • They see an opportunity for direct-to-consumer sales as a profitable growth area but lack the right internal marketing capabilities

Market Strategy & Planning

We will help you create an operational marketing plan that can bring a real change in your business performance.  Or, if you are faced with challenges of improving cross functional alignment to drive the bottom line we can help you “Build best-in-class processes to support a go-to-market strategy that fits your business model?

Our process for building Market Strategies uses our analytics and insights engine to assess the effectiveness of each GTM lever and identify areas in need of most attention.




Core Business Maximization

A building block framework to access the effectiveness of GTM strategies and to maximize growth, pricing and margin potential.


New Product Launch Planning

A comprehensive planning and performance analytics process to drive successful product launches. We provide expertise in the following channels:

  • E-commerce channels
  • National retail grocery,
  • Drug, Mass, Club & Natural/Organic Channel
  • Walmart & Warehouse Clubs
  • Electronic & Wireless Retail

RBS-ICONS_SerB_2Marketing Plan Development

We will develop comprehensive marketing plans and implement as much of it as you need:

  • Tactical marketing mix plans incl. online, offline, brand or direct marketing tactics
  • Recommended marketing calendar with budget allocations
  • Agency selection and/or management + written creative briefs and reviews
  • Media planning & coordination with agencies

Growth thru Innovation

Despite uncertainties In the economy (or, perhaps, because of it), we get asked a lot about growth through innovation. Executives want to know how to find new avenues to expand, how they can get their employees to think outside the box, how they can drive their companies forward into a strong & sustainable future.

OUR EXPERTISE:  Our stand-out expertise is our ability to understand your operational environment, your company’s core capabilities and combine it with our customer-centric creative framework to identify meaningful, and easily executable ideas with realistic investment. We will partner with you all the way – from conducting insightful research, developing a customized innovation framework, developing a prioritized pipeline of new ideas and creating executable products along with a practical go-to-market business plan and sales strategy

Our approach is iterative and immersive, anchored in “outcome based’ insights from consumers that are proven to open up “white spaces” to jumpstart innovation efforts.



Strategic insights

  • Gather insights with “outcome based” research methodologies
  • Prioritize significant unmet needs using “jobs to be done” approach
  • Identify the strategic growth drivers “white spaces” for the business
  • Develop viable new platforms for innovation
  • Map out an innovation framework for ideation

Create New Concepts

  • Design ideation exercises around ‘Breaking the compromise’
  • Facilitate team ideation to ‘solve’ and/or ‘disrupt’
  • Refine into tangible, viable product concepts
  • Vet for feasibility, impact and strategic fit
  • Create a multi-year prioritized roadmap

Build Innovation Competency

  • Champion winning ideas through key decisions and stage-gates
  • Develop or change processes, governance and frameworks
  • Develop marketing elements: name, claims, messaging, creative briefs, and more
  • Scope the demand landscape, channel potential and map the proforma P&L

Operationalize the plan

  • Ensure market readiness across brand, product, channel & sales teams
  • Help articulate/define go-to-market business plan and sales strategy
  • Identify external resources/co-packers as needed to accelerate launch
  • Design testing metrics and methodologies for a full scale launch.

Innovation is a passion for us! To learn more, reach us at

Growth through Acquisitions & Partnerships

You’ve decided that the best way to grow your business is to enter an adjacent category which typically means acquiring or partnering with another company. You now need to build an adjacency strategy and craft a strong business case to demonstrate the strategic fit to your senior leadership before you can move ahead.

We will help you determine if the acquisition makes sense from a strategic standpoint.


Adjacency strategy

  • Develop Strategic fit requirements
  • Identify Core capabilities matrices
  • Macro trend mapping
  • Synergy valuations

Acquisition prospects

  • Find Best fit company targets
  • Conduct operational capability fit assessment
  • Ensure alignment of target with company culture and business model

Strategic Investment Thesis

  • Craft Gameboard scenarios
  • Benchmark to best practices
  • Align with key stakeholders
  • Draft presentation for leadership decision making


Three critical skillsets for driving growth

To maximize long term growth and sustained profitability, the three elements needed to work in symbiotic harmony are consumer insights & intelligence, operational business experience and paradigm-shifting creativity.

Organizations that have a core strength in all three of these capabilities are the ones that ultimately lead in the marketplace. This is where we come in…


Strategic Insights

Robust, rich insights that come from layering predictive data analytics with qualitative and quantitative segmentation techniques


Operational Expertise

Backed by operational excellence across multiple industries such as food & beverage, health & wellness, restaurants, retail, technology, wireless, internet, education and ingredient manufacturing


Disruptive Creativity

Creative out of the box thinking blended with strategy planning skills to break through existing paradigms with disruptive ideas

No off-the-shelf solutions. Our proven custom process and methodologies generate game-changing solutions and accelerate decision making


With deep knowledge and expertise in Market Research, Business Optimization and Innovation, we are the ultimate tool for businesses looking for more profitable and sustainable growth.


We relate—We have been in your shoes. So we understand your needs, pressures and demand on time. Our experiences are yours to leverage so you can win the game strategically

We act swiftly—our team is small, hence agile and flexible. So we make the “go-to market” process quick, efficient and affordable for you

We are senior practitioners—who have no junior staff to delegate your projects

We enable decision-making at senior management levels—Our practical “go forward” solutions makes cross functional alignments and leadership decisions easy



Managing Partner

  • Blends technical expertise with strategic thought leadership
  • Deep analytics, insights & brand savvy with passion for innovation
  • 24 years of CPG, Foodservice and Retail experiences
  • A valuable asset in global operating environments with extensive international experience in ME, Americas, Asia Pacific


Managing Partner

  • 20+ years of marketing & operational leadership experience in CPG, wireless, internet & entertainment
  • Technology Product Marketing Expertise
  • New Product & innovation leader across multiple industries
  • Advisor to multiple digital media & mobile start-ups


Managing Partner

  • Hands on experience leading marketing departments in 20 year corporate career
  • Deep marketing and brand strategy expertise for new and existing businesses
  • CPG and Financial Services background with recent Healthcare emphasis
  • Skilled in consumerization of complex, regulated industries

































We measure our success by your wins in the marketplace.